Join the Revolution! A simple and helpful guide to supporting #womantheory


You don’t have to be a woman, or a feminist, to ‘do’ or to ‘support’ WomanTheory.

Supporting WomanTheory is about a commitment to recognising the contribution of women to the academy and to intellectual and public life. And acting on this.

Here are a few things you can do to show your support for WomanTheory:

1. Refuse to be part of a panel at an academic event where there are no women speakers.

2. When organising events, consider the gender composition of your keynotes and panelists. And facilitate the inclusion of younger/ early career academics.

3. Discard reading lists and teaching material that include only books and articles by men.

4. Change your citation practice: don’t just cite more ‘boy theory’

5. Refuse to be a member of editorial boards that don’t include or are seriously low on women

6. Complain to your institution – or conference organiser – if they…

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