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On this page, we will list seminars, conferences and other events that relate to the objectives and concerns of WomanTheory.

If you want us to list your event then drop us an email (womantheoryrevolution@gmail.com ) or add the details to the form below:


Workshop: “Feminist ‘turns’ and the political economy of knowledge production”, 28 Feb. 2014, 2-4pm, The Centre for the Study of Women and Gender, University of Warwick

Chair: Dr. Maria do Mar Pereira and Kathryn Medien (University of Warwick).

Speakers: Prof. Clare Hemmings (LSE); Dr. Carolyn Pedwell (Newcastle; Dr. Rebecca Coleman (Goldsmiths); Prof. Valerie Hey (Sussex); Prof. Lisa Blackman (Goldsmiths) (More speakers may be announced – please check the event website for the most recent list)

This workshop seeks to interrogate the nature and impacts of claims that feminist scholarship is, or ought to be, undergoing a ‘turn’, i.e. a change in direction, aim or focus. The notion of ‘turn’ has long played an important role in oral and written narrations of the development of social and political theory. In those narrations, the declaration of a ‘turn’ functions not just as a categorising device making it possible to identify patterns and pinpoint transformations in knowledge production, but also as a touchstone of sometimes fierce debates about the relative epistemic value and political utility of different forms of scholarship.  In recent years, it appears that invocations of, and exhortations to, a ‘turn’ have become especially frequent in feminist scholarship, particularly within conversations about theoretical and empirical work often clustered around the terms ‘the affective turn’ and ‘the (new) materialist turn’. These ‘turns’ have been the object of much attention in conferences and publications, but this workshop invites colleagues to think about them differently. Rather than evaluating the key principles, theoretical merits and analytical potential of such feminist ‘turns’, we want to discuss what happens when we think and speak of these (and other) scholarly developments as a ‘turn’, and how they come to be positioned and function within feminist scholarship. Rather than just conceptualise ‘turns’ as epistemic processes (where what is at stake is theories, concepts and findings), we also want to situate the declaration of ‘turns’ within the broader political economy of contemporary academic practice and ask, for example, how these declarations might relate to ongoing processes of transformation and competitive commodification of academic knowledge.      This event will take the format of an open roundtable discussion where speakers and participants will debate the current political-theoretical feminist landscape, asking how feminist ‘turns’ operate within and against a changing academic environment, at a time of political and economic ‘crisis’ and strengthening of social inequalities. We will consider questions of institutionalisation, temporality, the stories we tell about feminist scholarship, geo-politics, feminist pedagogies, citational practices and the relation between feminism and the political economy of contemporary academia.

Attendance is FREE, but you must REGISTER IN ADVANCE by clicking here.


Call for Papers: Two day Conference ‘Critical Diversities: Policies, Practices and Perspectives’ 10th-11th July 2014, London South Bank University

The ESRC Seminar Series ‘Critical Diversities @the Intersection’ (2012- 2014) has reflected a current wave of work within the social sciences, humanities and arts, which offer new ways of conceptualising and empirically researching ‘diversity’. Our 2-day conference hopes to build on thoughts, presentations and debates, with keynotes including: Prof. Kimberlé W. Crenshaw (UCLA) ‘Intersectionality, Research and Activism’ Prof. Davina Cooper (University of Kent) ‘Imagining the state otherwise: Between utopia and critique” Prof. Tracey Reynolds (Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research, LSBU) ‘Borders, ‘diversity’ and intersections: A black feminist reflections on the everyday lives of black women in Britain’ We welcome papers from across the career stage and from outside academia. There will be prizes, book launches & panels. Please send abstract to: CriticalDiversities2014@lsbu.ac.uk Saved as name_CD2014 (e.g. YvetteTaylor _CD2014) by 6th March 2014. Registration details to be posted soon, please await registration link. Conference cost will be £25 for two days, places limited!



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