Spread the word!

Here are a few things you can do to show your support for WomanTheory:

1. Refuse to be part of a panel at an academic event where there are no women speakers.

2. When organising events, consider the gender composition of your keynotes and panelists. And facilitate the inclusion of younger/ early career academics.

3. Discard reading lists and teaching material that include only books and articles by men.

4. Change your citation practice: don’t just cite more ‘boy theory’

5. Refuse to be a member of editorial boards that don’t include or are seriously low on women

6. Complain to your institution – or conference organiser – if they fail to provide adequate creche and childcare  facilities for staff and delegates

7. Encourage and support junior colleagues

8. Don’t leave all the student care and academic ‘housekeeping’ (including picking up used coffee cups) to your female colleagues.

It’s pretty simple really. So come on, get involved! Join the Revolution.

Why not download this guide as a poster to put up in your institution.


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